Like any native Louisianian, Mei's primary concerns were alligators and what was for dinner that night, but soon began to incorporate artistic progression. Coming from such a culturally unique state, the vibrant colors have been a huge influence in her pieces and she is constantly experimenting with intense colors and lighting.


Mei's interests lie in character design, concept art, and illustration. She takes inspiration from heavily plot driven video games and cartoons and when producing her own comics, leans towards the false sense of security in storytelling with humorous and light-hearted plots with much deeper meanings behind them. Part of Mei's personal mission statement is the celebration of inclusivity in popular media.

She has worked as a freelance artist on social media since she was 16 and has worked with a myriad of customers in interpreting their characters to bring them to life. She is currently writing and creating the webcomic Brimstone and Roses on Webtoons.

Currently, Mei is at Savannah College of Art and Design and will be graduating early in 2019. 

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